What Is A Negative Ion Ceramic Tile? Are There Any Brands Of Negative Ion Ceramic Tiles?

- Mar 23, 2018-

In today's ceramic industry, functional tiles have gradually become the trend. From the earliest heating tiles to the negative ion tiles nowadays, the trend of environmental protection is more and more obvious. At present, many ceramic enterprises are making great efforts to develop their negative ion ceramic tiles, then, what is the negative ion ceramic tile? Are there any brands of negative ion ceramic tiles? Next, China China net small editor to explain these questions for everyone.

1. What is a negative ion ceramic tile?

The concept of negative ion ceramic tile: negative ion ceramic tile is a kind of functional tile that can produce (release) negative ions. Its surface decoration effect is no difference from ordinary ceramic tile, but the product itself can generate negative ions beneficial to human health. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of the negative ion ceramic tiles, the negative ion ceramic tiles can already be realized on the various types of tiles. The marble tile, full cast glaze, ceramic plate, six corner brick and so on have the function of negative ion.

2, the function of negative ion ceramic tile:

Function 1, when the negative ion ceramic tiles are exposed to water molecules in the air, the water electrolysis can be ionized to generate negative ions (H3O2) and hydrogen (H2). With the continuous occurrence of this ionization reaction, the negative ions can be released continuously, and the indoor anion concentration will reach a relatively stable level through continuous accumulation. According to the monitoring report of the National Authority building materials industry environmental monitoring center, after 12 hours, the air anion increased by 500 cubic centimeters in the negative ion tile space.

Function two, the fog and haze formation is not only related to the outdoor environmental pollution, but also hidden in the room "invisible killer". In exchange for the anion tile its excess negative charge and floating, change its physical properties, the ups and downs with different charge and mutual adhesion, finally settling into the ground, and finally able to ablation. Restore the fresh environment of the living room, create a forest home garden of Eden.

Function three, indoor pollution sources (furniture, plate, paint, viscose and so on) will continue to release the departure of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases. The negative ions released by the negative ion ceramic tiles are decomposed by electric decomposition and make them degrade continuously. After a week of using negative ion ceramic tiles, the degradation rate of harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, is over 80%, and the indoor air can be kept fresh for a long time.

Function four, negative ion tiles can continuously release negative ions and indoor harmful gas with positive charges, and constantly neutralize electrolysis, effectively and quickly eliminate odor in the air. The elimination principle is essentially different from the air freshener in the market and its side effect, and there is no two pollution.

Function five, according to research, adults breathe 20 thousand times a day, even breathing in breathing is also continuing even in sleep state. Therefore, clean and healthy air is more important for life than anything. The negative ions from negative ion tiles can adsorb and oxidize. They can efficiently kill all kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in air, and it is an ideal way to purify the air.

Function six, negative ions are called "vitamins" in the air. Medical research has proved that the air containing more negative ions can improve the immunity of the human body and promote the health of the body and mind, and it is very beneficial to the health.