Imported Brick Menacing? Strong Enemy Or Together?

- Mar 22, 2018-

In the past 2017, ceramic tile imports have been the highest growth record in ten years, up 42.21% in the context of China's ceramic tile exports.

Why can the imported tiles be "like water" in China? Is it an impact on the Chinese tiles that have been trapped in the white hot stage? Behind the high speed growth, can the imported tiles be in great bloom in China? Will the imported porcelain famous for its high price be affected in China? How will foreign high-end brands game with Chinese local enterprises? The small partner of Tao Sir is carrying out a survey with this series of questions and taking you to read the imported tiles.

One question: in Chinese significantly enhance the economic strength and the international influence of the moment, 2017 import growth record high tile why?

Director, Guangdong Xinghui Ceramic Co. Ltd. General Manager Ke Xianren think, it is undeniable that the imported tiles in recent years by domestic high-end consumers, and has been developing rapidly. But according to the China Customs released data show that in 2015 China's ceramic tile imports amounted to $87 million 390 thousand, $88 million 720 thousand in 2016, 2017, ceramic tile imports increased to $126 million 170 thousand, for the first time exceeded $100 million mark, compared with Chinese over ten billion square meters of annual production capacity, import tiles in the Chinese share is not large.

Similarly, Robert Caavalli (Roberto Cavalli) China tile distributor - Foshan City MATI still home Trading Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Tian Fenggang also expressed the same view, to achieve a high growth rate because imported brick is too low, the development of the base in 2017 at the same time, there are many brands of ceramic tile have to go abroad, imported ceramic tile imported brands or products, in his view, to achieve high growth, because these brands focus on the purchase. "2017 is the peak of the import of imported ceramic tiles, but the real sales, that is, how high the warehouse rate is, is not known."

The fair is on imported ceramic tiles.

It is not to be ignored that, with the remarkable improvement of China's economic strength, the high-end consumer groups at the point of the consumption of Pyramid are more biased towards personalized products. On the one hand, imported tiles can meet the psychological needs of high-end users. On the other hand, they rely on unique culture and design differences to give consumers a refreshing feeling to meet their aesthetic needs.

Italy Lamborghini Home Furnishing Chinese district chief operating officer Yang Mingtong said, imported ceramic tile to achieve 42.21% growth over the past three years, many domestic brands imported concentrated force based on the results, at the same time, attention and love of this kind of product designers and owners of high-end groups are rapidly expanding; in addition, with the ceramic plate, the modern wind become a new consumption the trend also stimulated the development of domestic and imported tiles in.

Question two: what efforts have been made to adapt to the Chinese market by imported ceramic tiles?

In a number of interviewees, the entry of ceramic tiles in the Chinese market does not need to be deliberately adapted to the aesthetic needs of China, nor does it need to be deliberately compromised. "There is no one abroad that will develop products suitable for the needs of the Chinese market." Ke Xianren said.  He gave an example, so far no Chinese for Indonesia and other foreign markets to develop products, but the market has China explore each other in which products are suitable for the local market sales, the same Chinese would be selected from Italy in the international market for Chinese aesthetic products, and the introduction of Chinese market.

Tian Fenggang also said that now is the style of a plurality of times, before the selection of imported products, China traders have done in the local market research, such as modern brick, marble slabs, tiles and other products, all businesses have basically reached a consensus: it is suitable for China market products.