Multi EU Green Pass CasaItaliana To Lead The Environmental Health Of Imported Ceramic Tiles

- Mar 21, 2018-

In today's pursuit of quality life, the concept of green home is more and more popular. When consumers purchase home products, besides considering the quality, they are now considering the green environmental performance of products.

Ceramic tile industry has been known as "high energy consumption and high pollution" hat. Pottery products need to consume a lot of land resources in the production process. The process of raw material processing and firing will bring a lot of potential pollution to the environment, and become a large user of exhaust emissions. After the rise of the low carbon trend, the brand of imported ceramic tiles capture consumers' heart with absolute advantage.

As a high-end ceramic tile in Italy, CasaItaliana has not only health, environmental protection and high quality products, but also a number of international certification including the European Union based on the environmental protection of production, and has become a truly outstanding leader in the import and export tile industry in terms of health and environmental protection.

CasaItaliana's IMPRONTA brand green building Association certification

Product + production full range environmental protection endorsement

CasaItaliana, the high-end international ceramic environmental certification of Italy tiles includes the European eco label, LEED certification, ecological management and audit plan certification, French NF and UPEC certification. It is a strong endorsement for its environmental protection and production process. CasaItaliana aims to convey the natural and healthy Italy fashion modern living space to consumers through the business philosophy of "embody the essence of Italy". Its international certification is displayed in experience shops throughout the country.

EU ecological label "European flower" certification

EU eco label "European flower" certification requirements are very demanding, raw materials to production must be environmentally friendly, the label is only granted to meet the environmental requirements set up by the European Union and the rational use of energy requirements. The "Ecolabel" ecological label ensures that manufacturers reduce energy consumption in the production process, reduce air and water system emissions, and better manage waste products.

LEED authentication

LEED (Leadershipin Energy andEnvironmentalDesign) certification is currently assessing, in the world of all types of building environmental protection green building assessment and building sustainability assessment criteria are considered to be the most perfect, the most influential evaluation criteria, is considered the most authoritative certification. The evaluation system mainly focuses on building sites, water resources utilization, building energy efficiency, air resources and indoor air quality.

EU ecological management and audit plan certification

The EU eco management and Audit Scheme (Eco Management and Audit Scheme certification - EMAS), is an eco management and audit by the EU community system, is the enterprise for more effective implementation of national and EU environmental legislation, improve the environment, a system and its environment in the aspects of the target and the efforts made to the public resources to join.