Marble Tile Into The Mainstream Market

- Mar 19, 2018-

In recent years, the competition in the ceramic tile industry is becoming more and more intense, and the momentum of the new product is swift and violent. However, in the face of endless products, consumers are more and more rational, no longer only taste a taste of "fresh". The stronger the stronger is, the weaker the weaker is, the more the consumers tend to be closer to the product of all directional competitive advantage, and the differentiated innovative marble tiles become the mainstream.

Industry shuffle products are more specialized and more refined

Ceramic tile as building materials in the field of materials, the amount far exceeds other decoration materials, China as a manufacturing power, ceramic tile production base in Foshan, Shandong distribution coverage to Guangdong Zibo, Fujian Jinjiang, Jiangxi Jingdezhen and other high security City, only in 2013, China's annual output of ceramic tile has reached about 9000000000 square meters, accounted for 70% of the global output. However, by the national introduction of the real estate purchase policy, tile sales slightly tightened. In such a large environment under the control of relative surplus of product structure, the traditional channel shrinking benefits continue to tighten. At the same time, the state has shut down some small and medium-sized enterprises, such as the requirements of clean production and the elimination of their own products. In this case, the industry is more needed to subdivide the market, optimize the product structure, make the category special, make the fine, cater to the demand of the market.

The mainstream market stand firm

In recent two years, many brands have joined the R & D and production of marble tiles. According to the survey of first tier cities, the popularization rate of marble tiles in large stores and large building materials market has reached over 70%. In the present condition of the seller's market, the consumer's preference for emerging categories makes the market structure adjust. And some real estate groups, such as investment real estate, melted real estate, Pauli real estate, etc. also use marble tiles instead of natural marble in various projects.

A simple analysis of the marble tile in a short period of time will become a mainstream product, leading consumer trend, first of all, a marble tile named in accordance with the features of attribute category, into the market in just a few years by consumer awareness and acceptance; second, marble tile is the only building materials category now can replace natural marble in the high places of indoor and outdoor paving the decorative effect is lifelike, physical properties have obvious advantages; third, specializing in the production of marble tile enterprises, has a nationwide sales store, to provide quality pre-sale, sale, customer service service for consumers; fourth, marble tile production to meet the national initiative to "resource saving, environment friendly" the development of the society, will not cause damage to the environment, not to worry about the products that are radiation hazards, energy saving and environmental protection, health It's safe.

Natural marble has undergone thousands of years of change, but people can not change its passion for its decorative effect. Marble tiles to restore the nature so scarce and precious heritage, giving people a new gift by wisdom and imagination. The birth of marble tiles has rapidly become a trend to provide long-term value for consumers. The development of the industry at the present stage and in the future, who is at the top of the Pyramid top of the mountain small? The answer is self-evident!