The Impact Of The United States 301 Survey On China's Ceramic Industry

- Mar 26, 2018-

Chinese ceramic network on March 22nd, President Trump signed a presidential memorandum on the basis of the "301 investigation" results from the China imports of large-scale tariffs, taxation China commodity relates to the scale of up to 60 billion dollars, and to limit the acquisition of investment Chinese enterprises in the United states. The news immediately triggered concerns about the impact of unilateral action on the United States and China's economic and trade relations with the United States.

The United States has always been the largest consumer of ceramic exports in China. According to customs related statistics, the largest proportion of exports of sanitary ceramics in China in 2017 is the US. So, what is the impact on China's ceramic exports by levying tariffs against China?

Trump announced a Chinese counterattack on Chinese goods imposed on Tariffs

In fact, in August 2017, the United States Trade Representative Office announced the launch of the "301 survey" on China. The so-called "301 investigation" derives from the 301st article of the 1974 Trade Law of the United States. The article authorizes the US trade representative to initiate an investigation of the "unfair or unfair trade practices" in other countries, and after the end of the investigation, it suggests that the US President carry out unilateral sanctions, including revoking trade preferences and retaliating tariffs. The investigation was initiated, investigated, adjudication and execution by the United States, with a strong unilateralism.

According to the memorandum signed in March 22nd, the office of the United States trade representative will work out a specific plan to impose tariffs on Chinese goods within 15 days. In addition, the US Treasury will introduce a plan within 60 days to restrict Chinese companies to invest in the merger and acquisition of American enterprises. Earlier in the day, White House officials said at a briefing that the value of Chinese goods involved in taxation was about $50 billion.

In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce released on March 23rd in the United States to suspend imports of steel and aluminum products 232 measures of reduction product list and public comment, intends to levy tariffs on imports from the United States and some products, in order to balance the interests of China due to the United States to cause loss of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products. At the same time, the Chinese side urges the US side to resolve the concerns of the Chinese side as soon as possible, to resolve the differences between the two sides through dialogue and consultation, and to avoid the damage to the overall situation of Sino US cooperation.