Market Trend Of Glazed Brick In 2018

- Mar 27, 2018-

Recommended reasons: since 2007, Kroraina ceramics on the basis of wooden brick, the introduction of the imperial diamond glaze brick, to create the forerunner of glazed tiles. More of the ceramic enterprises, including Jane, Jia Jun, Marco Polo, Oushennuo newzhongyuan, newpearl, Monalisa added to the glazed brick products camp. After more than 10 years of development, the glazing brick has become the mainstream product with the polished brick.

With the popularity of polished tiles products on the market with the long march IV "investigation China 2017 China ceramic tile production capacity geography report" according to the pottery industry data show that the polishing production line of glazed brick 607, Nissan 891.81 square meters. 3 years, the new production line thrown glazed brick 289, Nissan can increase 566.33 square meters. The rapid expansion of production capacity, but also makes the glazed tiles and polished, entered into the stage of price shopping.

In 2018, the glazed tiles entered the twelfth year of development. What was the trend of this year? Is it likely that some industry insiders predict the downhill road? Let's take a probe into it!

"Compared with the polished tiles, glazed brick decoration effect is more abundant.

Ten years of "a group of male and female"

A year ago, when the reporter visited the wholesale market of Shagang ceramics, it was understood that the price of 800 x 800mm glazed tiles in the wholesale market tends to be between 15-30 yuan / film. On the display, the center display area has been occupied by the antique brick, the wooden brick and the fresh high end marble. Li Jianguo told reporters that "generally selling well, or high-end fashion are placed in a more prominent position, while those who sell poorly are placed on the corner."

Li Jianguo is in charge of Yi meihome ceramics, has been engaged in ceramic wholesale for ten years, he told reporters, "after 2010, large and small wholesalers to order to ceramic factory to the industry, I remember 600 * 600mm glazed brick factory price is 20-30 yuan."

For the wholesalers who make the channel, the reduction of factory price means wholesalers should enhance their competitiveness with lower profit margins. "Survival pressure is great, their profits are only a few yuan, they can't sell without bargaining, and lower profits." Li Jianguo said.

According to Li Jianguo, the price of enamel brick is lower than that in 2013 and 2014 years ago. At that time, the export price of 800 * 800mm specifications for glazed tiles was only about 30 yuan, and only 2 yuan to 3 yuan profit could be sold to dealers. However, the price of glazed tiles is still falling, refreshing Li Jianguo's understanding of the bottom line of glaze tiles. "I remember the lowest number of goods we set last month, and the factory price has been only 15 yuan."

"As far as I know, 800 x 800mm specifications products, the factory price has fallen to 15-16 yuan / film." Mika technology responsible person also said that the polished tiles price war began to enter the superheating stage from 2013, 2014 years.

It is understood that in 2013 to 2014, it is the major areas of the country are large glazed brick production line technological transformation up the peak year of Zibo, Shandong, Jiajiang, Henan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hebei and other places, will have been polished tile production line into polished tiles.

It is from the beginning of 2014, a well-known brand enterprises occupy the second city to seize the market share of three or four lines, the channel sink into a substantial stage, more and more of a second tier brands to enter the three or four line of the city market, to local small and medium sized brand shop and even caused a great impact. The price war led by the brand enterprises is also further pulling down the price level of the glazed tiles.