Tile Industry Is Facing Excess Production Capacity Internal And External Environment

- Apr 09, 2018-

         The tile market is a very deep water for the business people, who can not always guarantee that the market is facing themselves, ceramic tile companies need to stand firm in their own market, or they will lose their direction, but also have to Do a good job of product innovation, and strive to build an international brand, identify the internal and external good repairs in one fell swoop to meet the market.

Ceramics industry inside and outside environment affect the development of enterprises

     Among them, overcapacity has become a hot topic in the industry of tile industry critics in recent years. At present, most dealers in the tile market are more helpless when faced with the industry's shortcomings. In fact, well-made tile dealers also exist, which shows that the market still exists, but there are still more factor influences. Most tile dealers believe that the consumer groups of the first two cities are more easily divided. However, county-level cities have blurred the differentiation of these two types of consumer groups, making the three- and four-tier market appear somewhat chaotic.

     In the relatively weak development trend of the industry and the chaos in the market, the development of ceramic tile companies needs to find the crux of the situation. Nowadays, the market's non-directional factors are gradually increasing, and for tile companies, they will also face greater challenges. Under this circumstance, it is only by not perfecting itself that we can find the direction of breakthrough in the contrariety.

     Tile companies need to find a way to break through

     In order to have a foothold in the future market, we must proceed from the following points: First, tile stores need to be rationally laid out, instead of blindly expanding for the purpose of seizing the market, but should be set up with actual conditions. Second, to change the business model, we must work hard on service and culture to meet the needs of consumers and provide practical services. Finally, segment the market, distinguish between high- and low-end markets, select distributors and brands in a hierarchical manner, and start development in third- and fourth-tier cities.

     Under this vague situation, the development direction of ceramic tiles generally includes two aspects. On the one hand, a group of people just need to pay attention to the functionality, comfort and individualization and beauty of ceramic tile and room type matching; on the other hand, there are some people. Already able to afford big brands, famous brands, and even showing a tendency to only buy expensive ones. This makes it possible for tile companies to find breakthroughs in the process of transforming the model and to achieve long-term development while finding market opportunities.