Subdivision Of Ceramic Tile Market,All Flowers Bloom Together.

- Feb 01, 2018-

Category innovation is to consciously create and develop a new type of product with distinctive features. This kind of product category meets or arouses a consumer's demand that is not satisfied or not satisfied. In essence, the key to the marketing problem lies in what product is designed to meet what needs. The way to innovate the category can be thought from two perspectives of the product and the market. From a product perspective, we consider whether we can introduce new product categories through creative methods such as combination and replacement. From a market perspective, we consider whether new segmentation variables can be applied to develop products for more subtle market segments. The consumer says I want to buy an air conditioner, and the air conditioner is made by GREE. Buy frequency? The beauty says "buy frequency, beauty". The ceramic tile industry has no real consumer brand, but in the industry, from the product category, about marble tiles, will think of Jane, from the concept of style, talking about pastoral antique, the first thought is mango, this is the representative category of ceramic tile industry.

However, the ceramic industry business model has always been production oriented, influenced by the original production equipment and process design, and is essentially production oriented. At present, facing the serious overcapacity, the depressed market demand and the white hot market competition, the enterprises of the popular products have fallen into the collective predicament. How to break through the break?

Looking for difference or will be the breaking way of ceramic tile enterprises.

Catering to the trend, market segmentation, innovation and personality are the urgent needs of the rapid development of ceramic tiles. Ceramic enterprises need to continuously dig the added value of the products to improve their core competitiveness. From the early interior wall tiles, outer wall tiles, antique bricks and other large categories, to the categories of products such as marble tiles, throwing bricks, sheets and so on, and then to the refinement of modern pastoral, modern antique, art brick, functional ceramic tiles and other categories. Product categories are constantly being subdivided, and products are constantly being emphasized and strengthened from their creative design to space display design, even to paving and application design. From the product to the concept, from the design to the application, the ceramic tile enterprises are constantly trying to innovate.

This is not only a fight in the industry, but also a consumer oriented market effect. The continuous improvement of design and the location and psychological accuracy of consumers will be recognized by the market and consumers. It will become a powerful tool to form market differentiation.

In the "2016 Chinese tile white paper" consumer trends, consumers in the process of purchasing products, only 19.7% of consumers because brand to buy, 68.7% of users pay more attention to the quality of the product, the user of 55.7% valued product specifications and grades of products, mainly can account for 43% of the proportion of the total value of the product, collocation effect the 39.9%, because the customer service service quality to decide whether to buy accounted for 18%. For the ceramic tile industry, there are still many fields to be explored.

Segments of the market, is still a blockbuster, All flowers bloom together., believe that the enterprise of its own judgment!