Tiles Future Trend Of The Prophet

- Jan 31, 2018-

Ceramic industry matures, although the intense competition in the industry, but in an orderly manner to promote the overall level of the industry to upgrade. Ceramics industry is more obvious cluster, under the influence of cluster development, who can predict the future, take precautions, you can win the initiative, not swallowed by the group.

    The continuous downturn in China's real economy has seriously affected the real estate industry, the spread of the ceramic industry is also inevitable, the cold of the ceramic industry has just begun. If the ceramic industry who will have the last laugh, I am afraid that few business owners dare stand up and say that! However, I believe now that several large ceramic brands have been ready, ready to move to resolve the decline in sales crisis. The real contest is slowly opened, let us wait and see!

    Ceramic industry consolidation is likely to end up as the current home appliance industry, once-profuse regional brands are now almost basic, mostly into the "big brother" embrace, into a "big brother" brand foundry factory. We can simply think of several brands of air conditioners? There are several brands of refrigerators? Must have the ceramic industry, the final estimate of the regional brands are almost the same. Ceramic industry may eventually form a three pillared situation, Guangdong, Shandong, East China. Taking into account the low value-added ceramic tiles by the logistics of the larger factors, each region's regional brands may also live for a long time. But eventually under the capital operation will become a major ceramic OEM base.

    Foshan is the birthplace of the most influential ceramic brand in the country. A number of first-tier brands are born here. Foshan ceramics has become the guarantee and symbol of the brand in the minds of ordinary people. Therefore, most of the monsters and goblins in various producing areas , Foshan ceramics enterprises caused a lot of trouble. Recently, "Foshan Ceramics" trademark battle for the uproar, and ultimately still ended in failure, showing the determination of Foshan ceramics industry to maintain regional brands. Behind this also hidden tremendous commercial interests should not be underestimated.