Antidumping Of Argentina Tiles To China

- Feb 02, 2018-

In January 22, 2018, the Argentina production department resolution 21-E/2018 published in the official gazette of Argentina "", originating from Chinese of unglazed tiles (Spanish: placas y baldosas de gres fino “porcellanato” y “porcelana”, sin barnizar ni esmaltar, para pavimentación o revestimiento) to make the anti-dumping review of final decision: change of circumstances to maintain the original provisions of the Argentina economy and the Ministry of Finance in January 25, 2013 thirteenth resolution of the anti-dumping tax rate. Products involved in the Mercosur customs encoding for 6907.21.00. The resolution is effective from the date of promulgation.

In July 26, 2011, the industry and Trade Commission of the former Ministry of industry of Argentina carried out the first anti-dumping investigation on China made ceramic tiles by Resolution No. 470. To make the final ruling in Argentina in January 25, 2013 before the Ministry of economy and finance by resolution 13, decided to Chinese from polished tiles and not polished tiles were levied $12.20 / square meter, $8.77 / square meter anti-dumping duties. In November 17, 2016, when the application of ILVA and CANTERAS CERRO NEGRO was applied in January 5, 2016, the Ministry of production of Argentina passed the Resolution No. 701 to review the situation of anti-dumping cases, and put it on file.