Own Space, Design Yourself

- Feb 05, 2018-

 It is the attitude of the men and women in the city to advocate the personality and reject the same. As a result, DIY has become a popular label highly praised by urban men and women. Maybe you have DIY many things, but have you ever thought of making a stone costume designer, tailoring a unique stone for your exclusive space? EO Seiko marble, with "my space, my own design" for the concept of urban men and women for men and women to provide DIY stone design service.


  own space, own the master

Still for designers can not understand their needs, can not be designed to sell their satisfactory marble decoration effect and annoyed? The space of one's own, if let others be the master, can only listen to others' arrangement. Only by making decisions, can you design your own desired effect exactly according to your inner thoughts, and your own space can only be your own story.

EO Seiko marble to "design" for the media, to have a unique style of the DIY philosophy, the traditional approach to subvert the stone field, leading into the space design of urban men and women, personally designed for exclusive stone, become the space of real dominate.