Shandong Zibo Park And Quicken The Construction Of Ceramic Ceramic Industry High-end

- Feb 06, 2018-

To speed up the high end of the traditional industry. Seven prominent chemical, machinery, metallurgy, building materials, the traditional textile, light industry, ceramics and other traditional industries, organizations to carry out technological transformation breakthrough year "activities, one by one clear above scale enterprises to upgrade direction and technical transformation path, concentrate on 306 key technological transformation projects annual investment of 32 billion 300 million yuan, guide enterprises to make full use of new technologies, new materials, new technology, new equipment, the implementation of intelligence information process reengineering of green production management, promote the enterprise itself and the whole industry chain to achieve completely upgrade. We will vigorously promote the deep integration of manufacturing industry and big data, Internet and AI, and build 10 smart factories and 100 intelligent workshops at a high level, and strive to create the "China made 2025" national demonstration zone.

Accelerate the construction of ceramic, refractory material, glass and other professional park. We should encourage social capital to participate in the construction of service platforms, such as standard factory buildings, warehousing logistics, financial leasing, and so on, to reduce the cost of investment.

Implementation of the whole region, industry and whole process governance, firmly grasp the main contradiction affecting the quality of the ambient air, and concentrate on the special tackling for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide. The emission limits of key industries such as electric power, steel, building materials, cement and other key industries are strictly implemented. It supports the development of Zibo ceramic college in Shandong Technical Academy of technology to improve the quality of higher education and vocational education.