The Six Unknown Knowledge Of A Polished Brick

- Feb 07, 2018-

Polished tiles, perhaps many non professionals are very strange to it. Let's learn about six unpolished knowledge of polished tiles, maybe you will have a brand new understanding of it.

1. What are the features of the polished brick?

Polishing brick: easy to buy, easy care, do not have to worry about getting wet, easily hurt by a hard object, the price is very moderate, there is a special mode of brick, little and dainty, colorful, interior is widely used in small area, the walls and the size outdoor metope and ground, easy cleaning with more.

Two. How to choose and match the polished tiles with different colors?

1. the contrast between black and white can increase the structure sense of the level of the ground.

2. gray series of polished bricks, more cultural taste and nature scenery;

The colour and lustre of the 3. stone is not only simple and natural, but also rich and rich in connotation.

The 4. red series of polished tiles make the ground look very special and have a gorgeous feeling.

Polishing brick 5. Beige series, make the bedroom has a kind of splendid noble and elegant;

6. the blue and green series of polished tiles are easily associated with the depth of the sky and the natural wind of the prairie.

Polishing brick and terracotta series 7. floor shop in the living room and restaurant on the ground, can make people feel comfortable and pleasant pastoral style.

Three, how to maintain the polishing brick?

Method 1: a small spoon of white wax and white vinegar mixed together, put in the bottle, shake it before use, using this solution to wipe the ceramic tile effect is good.

Method two: there is dirt in the seams of the polished brick, and can be sprayed with some bathroom cleaners. After a little while, brush it with brush and rinse with water at the same time. If there are still remaining stains, can be used to wash water with a bleach to wash again.

Four. What is a good way to mend the polished brick?

If the mortar is not loose, only polished off the mortar tile on the scrape, in 107 rubber blended with a little cement paste in the polished back evenly coated with a thin layer of compacted cement can be polished, later. If the mortar falls along with the polished tiles, first chisel some pits on the original surface, then use 107 mortar to insert them again, then press the dropped polished tiles until the mortar is hardened. China ceramic tile network editing report

Five. How to clean the stains on the polished brick?

Use toothpaste for 1. inks.

2. such as soy sauce, vinegar and other use clean toilet spirit.

3. stains on rust, the fresh lemon juice can be dripped on the rust stains repeatedly rubbed, then rinse with soap. It can also be replaced by the dimension C.

4. tea and other stains, with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydrogen carbonate and other pure alkali solution can be removed. Note: when you use the brush, do not use a steel ball, otherwise it will scratch the surface of polished tiles.

Six, select the floor or polishing brick?

1. visual sense: the floor gives people good affinity; polished bricks give life a hard feeling; thermal insulation performance: floor insulation has advantages, and polished bricks have relatively poor thermal insulation performance.

2. cleaning maintenance: the floor has a gap, so oil stains, water stains into the gap, the damage to the floor is more serious, and the polishing brick is almost no harm. The floor is slightly unitary. The polishing brick is rich: the color and lustre are bright, the pattern is varied and the specifications are very different, so the design is big space and the effect is easy to be produced.