Since January 1st, the environmental protection tax of the ceramic factory was levying; the price began to rise.

- Jan 29, 2018-

Since January 1st, the "People's Republic of China environmental protection tax law" has been exited, which means that the implementation of pollution charges in the past 40 years has withdrawn from the historical stage.

According to the statistics of the environmental protection department of Sichuan Province, more than 10 thousand enterprises in the province will have to pay environmental tax, which is expected to be collected by 1 billion 100 million yuan to 1 billion 200 million yuan per year. Among them, the enterprise of air pollutant and water pollutant discharge is greatly affected.

A Sichuan ceramics factory boss said that from January 1st this year, atmospheric pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise need to pay taxes in accordance with the regulations, enterprises also need to use water resources tax, more to go after the ceramic factory tax will become more standardized, more tax costs will go up.

After the introduction of environmental tax, some ceramic factories in Shandong, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Sichuan have issued a price increase policy. From January 1, 2018 onwards, Sichuan areas of wear-resistant brick, crystal brick, tile, small tiles, foot line products of collective price, individual ceramics factory has also raised the price floor.