Development history of Mosaic tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

If your bathroom is big, the lighting effect is good, can choose, the cleaning certainly is better than other tiles. Mosaic literal: Mosaic, mosaic, mosaic technology. Originated in Ancient Greece. Early Greek marble mosaics are most commonly used in black and white to match each other. Only the rulers of authority and wealthy rich people can afford artisans and buy materials to show the art of luxury. In the late stages of the Greek mosaic, artists began to need smaller pieces of gravel and cut their own stones to complete a mosaic in order to enrich their work in a more diverse way. In the Roman period, mosaic has developed very common, the general residential and public buildings of the floors, walls are decorated with it, which makes the time of Rome how rich, making the ancient Roman architecture luxurious to an incredible degree. The golden age of Mosaic comes from the early Christians who came to Rome and were persecuted and were only able to gather in the basements and other corridors. Because most people were illiterate, the walls of the basements had glass mosaic murals depicting the story of Jesus Christ. Constantine was the Roman emperor who legitimized Christianity and vigorously preached it, and the churches of Constantinople (Byzantium) were decorated with a large number of mosaics, with more and more colours, and the use of gold foil in transparent glass. The Sicilian mosaic features the gold base. The Byzantine period was almost synonymous with the word mosaic. Mosaic uses mainly for wall and ground decoration. Because the mosaic its single unit area is small, the color variety, has the infinite combination way, it can the designer's modelling and the design inspiration performance incisively and vividly, displays its unique artistic charm and the individuality temperament heartily. is widely used in guesthouses, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home wall floor and art mosaic and so on. Mosaic according to the material, process can be divided into a number of different types of glass mosaic according to its technology can be divided into machine single-sided cutting, machine double-sided cutting and manual cutting, etc., glass-like mosaic according to its material can be divided into ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic, luminous mosaic and so on.