Selection of wall and floor tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

Wall and floor tiles variety, color rich, to buy attention:
First, according to their hobbies and the layout of the field, from the tile brand, specifications, color selection.
Second, the selection of wall and floor tiles, to pay attention to its resistance to glaze cracking and strength, good quality wall and floor water absorption rate of low resistance to glaze cracking good, when purchasing can be in its back drop a drop, see water absorption speed, water absorption is better.
Third, see whether the surface is flat, there are no thickness uneven pinhole. When you buy, you can tap the sound, the more crisp, indicating high density, good hardness.
Four, look at the color, select the tiles in the distance of 0.8m to see the color pattern is consistent.
Five, the size of the standard, the size of the uniform, uniform thickness, selection in a box to draw a few pieces to compete. See if it's consistent.
Six, consumers must pay attention to the purchase of ceramic tiles whether it indicated that the national promulgated green health standards and other signs or words, do not buy three-tile products.
The first step: Determine the space used for tiles. Do you buy the tiles in the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room? Determine the most basic conditions before selecting.
The second step: according to the technical indicators to determine whether the tiles meet the requirements. The degree of fineness (also called abrasion resistance) indicates the extent to which tiles are easy to wear:
Ⅰ degree of ceramic tile wear rate is the lowest, generally used for display, metope and very few places of activity;
Ⅱ-grade tile is mainly used in the bathroom, bedroom and other not hard friction environment;
Ⅲ degree tiles suitable for people to flow frequently places, such as living room, kitchen, etc.
Ⅳ-degree tiles with high wear resistance, in the luxurious residential halls, corridors and public places are very suitable for use;
Ⅴ degree generally has the ultra wear-resisting degree, uses in the non family environment, like the airport, the station and so on.
The third step: consulting the resistance of the ceramic tile and other properties, in order to select the appropriate detergent, to prevent the glazed surface contaminated.