Characteristics of wall and floor tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

The development of new product of wall and floor tile in our country, besides the color variety, increase its function is also a development direction. For example: Heat preservation energy-saving brick-this kind of brick uses the porous material as the blank body, the volume density is in 0. $number around, then on the surface of the body glazing treatment, so that it has a porous material insulation energy-saving effect, but also has the characteristics of glazed tile. This kind of brick can also be glazed, the surface will naturally form a cover when firing, for example, the brick that uses red mud as billet to burn is quite natural and generous.
Color Glazed tile--this kind of brick is produced, a colored agent consisting of rare earth metal oxides is added to the glaze, which uses the electronic leap produced by the light to produce a differential, resulting in a selective absorption and reflection of the glaze, and a variety of colors in the visible range of absorption and reflection.
Eco-Health tile-this kind of brick is the antibacterial agent attached to the surface of the ceramic, or directly added to the glaze, so that the surface of the ceramic antibacterial. The antibacterial property of ceramics has the following two kinds: the antibacterial property of silver ions and their compounds (called AG-Series Antimicrobial agents) and the use of semiconductor with photocatalysis.
Antistatic brick--this kind of wall tile usually is in the glaze or the billet to introduce the semiconductor nature metal oxide, causes the glaze or the billet electrical conductivity to satisfy the request.
Water seepage brick-this kind of brick not only has the style of common square brick, but also has the function of pervious, water retaining and antiskid. It is characterized by the formation of a porous and coherent structure in the brick, is the square brick of the replacement products, this brick is in the billet to add a loss agent or foaming agent made.
Glazed tiles--this brick is characterized by a thick layer of transparent glaze (about 1 after firing) on the surface of porcelain tiles. 5mm, after firing on the glaze surface polishing, if the glazing before the printing, it has similar glaze color effect. This kind of brick three-dimensional strong, decorative effect is good. There are two ways to apply thick glaze to brick: one is dry glazing, the other is the glaze spray drying process, with two times cloth forming.