Classification of wall and floor tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

Wall and floor tiles products rich and diverse, decorative increasingly gorgeous and elegant, some products already have some natural advanced material surface texture, so that the application of wall and floor tiles more extensive.
1 According to the ingredients and production process classification
Can be made of plane, pock, wool surface, polished surface, polishing surface, dot surface, embossed embossing surface, non-slip surface, as well as screen printing, flower sets, infiltration flowers and other varieties; the technology of polished tiles is becoming more and more mature, the market is respected and popularized widely.
2 according to the surface decoration classification
Wall and floor tiles according to the surface decoration method of different, divided into glaze and glaze two kinds. The surface of the glaze is called the glazed tile. Glazed tiles can also be based on the types of decorative glaze and different colors to subdivide. For example, three-dimensional glazed brick (fork-called line brick), imitation granite tile, mottled glaze tiles, crystal glaze tiles, have luster glaze tiles, imitation guang glazed tile, pattern tiles, flower glaze tiles.
3 Classification by Use location
Ceramic tiles According to the use of the position is divided into: external wall tiles, floor tiles, general wall and floor tiles, line angle brick, ladder along the brick (staircase treads special bricks) and so on.