Intelligent LED constant current drive source

- Jan 29, 2018-

Recently, artificial intelligence has already spread especially the robot is to raise a Babel of criticism of, blown miraculous seems to be able to replace the human, immediately, and it will be able to control and manipulate the human world, finally become a robot in the world. In fact, this kind of rumor is moved from science fiction, and can only play the role of being popular. Some equipment, like in the pipeline robot, but also can fully work in accordance with the provisions of the program, and can not keep up with environmental change and change, as long as the environment changes a little, it will go wrong, which is not a smart device, but can not be called a robot. It is really meaningful to us, and we try to use intelligent technology to solve practical problems in our practical work.

The core of intelligent technology is self-adaptive. The technology that can automatically adjust the work of the equipment according to the change of the environment is adaptive. The use of self-adaptive can change the traditional technology and get unexpected results.

An intelligent LED constant current source is an example.