Porcelain tile collage 6 metope wonderful presentation

- Mar 22, 2018-

Tile color variety, whether the whole wall tiling or monochrome, multicolor tile collage, different paving methods can receive unexpected decorative effect, simple delicate, classical explicit fashion, 6 wonderful tiles paving, see which one belongs to you Style.

Black painted tiles with irregular POP circle patterns, overlapping red, gray and blue, as if from the child's handwriting, seems quite interesting. The combination of black cold and rusty child's truth makes the wall the focus of space.

Color stripe colorful tiles, in the main colors of pink is particularly eye-catching, gentle yet bold, not in a conventional arrangement of tiles, color combinations to create new styles of the scattered visual feeling, make the bathroom full three-dimensional, color as the building blocks erected on the wall, the space of interest arise spontaneously.