How to avoid the problem of tile falling off?

- Mar 22, 2018-

As a durable consumer goods, tile life in Europe is more than 35 years, but in China, it only has 15 years. If it is not well paved, it will not even appear in 5 years. "How to extend the life of the tile", "how to avoid decoration tiles Konggu, off" is not only the consumers concern, is paving the main topic of cluster research and application of materials. Below we suggest from several aspects that the majority of consumers for home safety control from the standard tile paving start:

1, the ceramic tile binder is used instead of the cement. The ceramic tile binder is modified cement. By adding various polymers, the performance of the traditional cement is further improved, which has more flexibility and aging resistance. The bonding force is 2~3 times of the traditional cement. The main principle and principle of bonding diffusion adsorption principle, strong adaptability, can be used in a variety of building materials products surface paving (such as brick paste, glass tile etc.). The ceramic tile adhesive tile, wall tiles can solve the problem of low water absorption.

2, select the targeted adhesive. All kinds of ceramic tile products on the market have different requirements for construction materials because of their different burning technology. For example, the adhesives special for mosaic are different from the adhesives used in ceramic tiles and stone. Mosaic has different materials such as glass, ceramics, platinum and other materials. Each kind of material requires different acidity and alkalinity of the binder. For large size ceramic stone, sheet of binder requirements and antique tiles, bricks are obviously different. Therefore, when choosing the binder for the ceramic tile products, we should choose the binder that matches the product of this kind of ceramic tile.

3, select high quality ceramic tile binder. The binder is not very different from the ordinary cement in appearance, in normal condition it is gray and white, and the white is generally used more for stone. In order to avoid undesirable businessman shoddy, consumers can from three aspects of the quality of the binder A, by stirring, fingers respectively with cement and binder ratio, viscosity, and high water glass binder in the wood surface stick, and cement or the poor quality of the binder will soon fall off; B, conditions permit when the surface coated with adhesive paste in the ceramic tile can be inverted on, such as wood, glass and so on, then tilt the base, see bricks will fall, if not, then that is the quality of ceramic tile adhesive. The better the quality of the binder C, the better the quality of the binder, the better the better the construction performance of the more slow binder.


The subversion of the traditional ceramic tile adhesive cement construction, cohesive force is 2-3 times that of cement, the ingredients of standard, using grout paving, not only the dosage, reduce the wall burden, and the construction process is simple, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and firmness in the bond system in the future, will replace the cement building main bonding material.