Choosing tiles for fear of radiation is not as good as looking at quality

- Mar 21, 2018-

Recently, five hills poor toxic products are exposed, including Home Furnishing decorative products. The day before, the reporter visited the Nandu City area Tri-Circle decorative ceramic market learned, glazed tiles, tiles, polished tiles, brick...... There are many kinds of tiles sold on the market and different prices. Many consumers are "not allowed to eat" when they are selected. Zhang Xinquan, director of the Foshan ceramic mall, said tile radiation was very low and would hardly pose a threat to human health. In comparison, consumers should pay more attention to the quality of the gloss and flatness of ceramic tiles.

Merchants: tile radiation is almost negligible

In the home, the decoration of ceramic tiles, marble radiation, for many people is a strange concept. Consumers will be more worried about the dangers of the so-called radioactive elements because they can't see and touch.

"Before, natural stone is the main choice for many family decoration, used to lay the ground, wall and so on. Because of its natural texture and high quality vision. But as natural stones themselves have radioactive elements, the use rate is much lower than before. " Eagle ceramic shopping guide Li told reporters. Nowadays, more and more products are comparable to natural stones, such as microcrystalline ceramic tiles. They are more and more close to natural stone both in color and texture, and the environmental protection is much higher than that of natural stones.

However, the price of ceramic tiles is very expensive, 80 x 80 specifications of ceramic tiles, the price of more than 600 yuan, thousands of yuan is also very common. "The ordinary tiles are made of mud, and the radiation is very low, and it will hardly pose a threat to the health of the human body. When choosing ceramic tiles, it is better to pay more attention to the quality problems such as gloss, flatness, density and hardness, rather than the radiation problems of ceramic tiles. Zhang Xinquan, director of Foshan ceramic business city, said.

A contractor who is engaged in tile ceramic tile for 10 years has told reporters in private, "buy tile, don't buy too much white." Some businesses add a whitening agent for the bright effect of the brick surface, which may not be good for the body.

Misunderstandings: overly favoured antiskid bricks

There is a long debate about whether tiles have radiation, and on the other hand, its anti skid function is also considered by many consumers.

It is worth noting that all the ground tiles with a certain friction coefficient in the market are called antiskid bricks. And the national floor tile standard does not classify its function. In the current national standard of ceramic tile, the friction coefficient is not specified. Only the static friction coefficient test method is pointed out. It is recommended for use and is not enforced. Therefore, under the premise that the anti-skid index does not exist, the so-called "anti skid brick" anti-skid effect is still open to discussion.

Zhang Xinquan told reporters that in his view, the present market on the high quality glazed tiles, polished bricks are very superior, and there is no hidden danger. Therefore, consumers do not need to deliberately buy anti skid bricks. "Part of the" anti skid bricks "is just playing the anti-skid name of the inferior bricks, coarse texture, strong particles, and at first glance, strong friction, in fact, once the water is more slippery than ordinary tiles.

Four dimensions judge the good and bad

All kinds of ceramic tiles on the market are different, how should consumers choose and buy? Eagle ceramic shopping guide Li introduced, "good tiles should be gloss, smoothness, density and hardness are all good". In addition, in general, brand tiles are attached with suggestions for paving. As long as the construction team meets the requirements, the beautiful and practical features of high quality tiles can be exerted.

The texture of high quality tiles is very natural and beautiful, with a stereoscopic sense and good gloss. It is very easy to distinguish the inferior products from the inferior products. It can be judged by the smoothness of the touch feel, tile high surface quality are very smooth and delicate, only a few local slightly uneven, and a product of the entire surface is uneven, a glance.