What Are The Sticky Tiles Used For?

- Feb 27, 2018-

Home kitchen, bathroom, living room floor, bedroom floor and so on, all need laying tile. Ceramic tile is a waterproof effect, and it can make people have more comfortable experience in daily life, and make indoor environment more beautiful. But if tile is laid on the ground and wall, it must be adhered to something. Otherwise, it cannot be fixed on these things, and tile can not function normally. Then, the tiles will be used to see what it adheres to.

What sticky tiles are used

1. Ceramic tiles should be used to paste ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile adhesive, also known as ceramic tile adhesive, is mainly used to paste decorative materials such as tiles, tiles, floor tiles, etc., and is widely applied to the decorating and decorating places of buildings for indoor and outdoor walls, floors, bathrooms and kitchens. Its main features are high bonding strength, water resistance, freezing and thawing, good aging resistance and convenient construction, which is a very ideal bonding material.

1, ceramic tile adhesives, also called dry paste, is a new type of paving auxiliary materials. It changes the wet practice of mortar and cement. The ceramic tile does not need to soak the water in advance, so long as the basic condition of the paving is better, the working condition can be greatly improved. Its bonding effect is also more than the traditional mortar and cement. It is suitable for small and medium engineering and family decoration with small working surface and unsatisfactory working environment.

2, colourful filling agent, not ordinary color cement, generally used for seam pavement or wall surface. Its characteristic is the color of the solid strong pressure resistance, no alkalization, no shrinkage, no powder, not only changed the tile gap water turned off is not solid faults, and make holes and tiles match the colours appear to complement each other unified harmony.

3, the combination of various specifications, it is characterized by the selection of different sizes of different dimensions of ceramic tiles in accordance with the required combination of types of paving. As the floor tiles are composed of different sizes and combinations, the geometric lines of the ground are changed immediately in the order of change and vividness.

4, edge cross positioning frame, use these materials to make the construction technology of pavement Yin Kok, yang angle improved and no longer need to tile 45 degrees cutting edges, saving time and significantly damaged. The cross positioning can improve the seam precision of the floor tile, and simplify the construction technology.