2018 International Bath Development Summit In May At The World Trade Center In Pauli, Guangzhou

- Mar 08, 2018-

The 2018 international sanitary development summit in May 15, 2018 to May 16th in Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo held, sponsored by the Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Co. Ltd., is based on the Southern China industrial base of sanitary ware, International Exhibition Center - Guangzhou City, the needs of domestic sanitary enterprises worldwide expansion and transformation based on the urgent demand of a new round of sanitary ware industry the bathroom provides industrial construction and transformation, business exchanges and cooperation opportunities for domestic sanitary enterprises meeting.

The conference invited from 15 countries and regions, more than 40 experts and professionals, the summit, experts and professionals will analyze the China bathroom market, around the "global market" and "intelligent technology", "innovation and design", "trend" to discuss other issues, and bring the latest information the world sanitary ware industry and the market, looking for innovative way for the enterprises in the bathroom.

The eighteen report of the party in 2017, first proposed to build a moderately prosperous society in 2020, and further improve the rural Chinese western development, to further develop the market, China's sanitary ware industry therefore into the fast lane of development, China has become "the world's largest sanitary ware producer" and "exporting". Is the world's largest sanitary products consumer market, accounting for more than 37% of the global production of ceramic sanitary ware, the development trend of domestic sanitary industry can not be ignored.