How To Reduce The Cost Of Stone Mining

- Feb 22, 2018-

According to the main part of the mining cost is waste transportation costs, depreciation costs, management costs and the cost of mining machine.

(1) the yield

The production and exploitation of depreciation and management fees cost, increase the yield of some fixed costs can reduce mining costs, such as management costs, depreciation costs.

(2) freight cost

Transport costs and blocks to blocks between the destination and mine is related to the distance, remove the fuel, tolls adjustment and other factors, the main factors affecting the cost of freight is irregular the coefficient.

(3) mining waste rate

The mining waste rate level, can affect the dumping and other equipment cost. Improve the waste rate, can reduce the cost of engineering machinery, as well as the cost of emissions muck spending, because in the stripping volume under the same conditions, mining waste rate is high, the number of blocks of output is more, two of the cost is lower.

(4) consumption cost of mining machinery (string of beads)

The consumption of string rope is the main part of the direct mining cost, which almost occupies 50% of the direct mining cost. Objectively, we should find a suitable supplier for the string of string, and choose the string products with good performance and good quality. When there is a difference between the index of bead string and the ideal performance index, a set of interim payment standard according to the actual life of bead string can be worked out according to different sawing efficiency. After life expectancy is up to the expected standard, we will gradually increase the index of sawing efficiency, and finally form a scientific and reasonable way of payment and payment by bead string, which is acceptable to both sides. On the subjective side, beading operators should strictly abide by the operation rules and comply with the regulations of guide wheels and bead strings, so as to maximize the service life and cutting efficiency of beaded rope.

(5) the wage cost of the miner

The number of wage costs and mining equipment of mining personnel, and mining related work personnel and class rules. In the conditions allow, can be used every two shifts production, try to keep each bead saw 1.3 operator staffing planning; improve the level of operation process of wire saw operator, shorten the auxiliary time of sawing machine installation, adjustment, threading and connecting wire, is also the way to reduce the cost of staff wages.

(6) the cost of the use of other equipment

Improving the equipment integrity rate of excavators, loaders and other engineering machinery, and coordinating the operation of stripping and mining scientifically and reasonably can reduce the cost of construction machinery.

(7) electricity cost cost

The rational operation regulations of mining machinery are compiled to improve the quality and consciousness of the sawing operators, and to eliminate the phenomenon of the saw cutting of the bead saw. When the electric air compressor is adopted, the distance between the air pressure station and the drilling operation surface is shortened, the air supply pipeline and each link are overhauled to eliminate the leakage phenomenon. All of these measures can reduce the energy consumption of the air compressor.

(8) maintenance of mining equipment and cost of auxiliary material consumption

The selection of reliable and stable performance of bead saws and large hole drilling machines can reduce the cost of mechanical shutdown and maintenance.

(9) improve the accuracy of drilling

(10) consumption cost of drill bit

Choose good quality drill, improve the technical level of the milling bit, and drilling skills. For example, the accuracy of grinding bit angle and center line symmetry, how to correctly operate rock drill and other drilling conditions through different ore body conditions (fissure, sandwich, inclusion, etc.) can not only reduce drill bit consumption, but also improve drilling accuracy.

(11) the cost of dumping

In order to exclude the dirt and gravel from the mine, the transportation cost of the city is related to the distance between the residue field and the mine, the establishment and layout of the mine development and transportation system. A reasonable layout of mine development and transportation system, proper selection of muck field and construction of proper slope muck transportation roads can control the cost of residue removal.