China's Ceramic Inkjet Machine Has Nearly 4000 Online Total.

- Feb 13, 2018-

The day before, jointly organized by the information and Chinese ceramic building sanitary ceramics Association "pottery industry long march IV -- a survey of" 2017 China tile capacity activity has a successful ending, dozens of data, index will release authority. Among them, the online use of ceramic ink-jet printing equipment has refreshed industry cognition again.

Data show that as of the end of November 2017, the number of ceramic ink jet machine online has reached 3990 units, the data and the 2636 units in 2014 compared to an increase of 1354, growth of about 51%; and the ceramic inkjet equipment of regional distribution, and also showing a different pattern in 2014.

An increase of 51% in three years, higher than expected

Since 2009, the ceramic ink-jet equipment began to enter the Chinese market, which opened the prologue of its vigorous growth: 2010-2012 years, the full development period. With the successful "deciphering" of a large number of local ceramic equipment merchants to the technology of ceramic ink-jet equipment, the arrival of the period of complete homemade equipment;

2011-2014 years, the full blowout period of the market. The volume of ceramic inkjet equipment from 2 markets in 2009 to the online usage rate of 2636 units in 2014 and the huge increase of market demand make ceramic inkjet equipment one of the most popular topics in the industry at one time. By the end of 2014, there were 2636 online inkjet machines in the Chinese market.

At the same time, the industry generally believed that the blowout period of this market had ended and entered a stable period. Many industry experts believe: inkjet machine market growth will cliff downwards, line capacity of 3000 units will be the end point.

However, according to the survey data of "Long March IV" in 2017, the number of online ceramic inkjet equipment has reached 3990 units, which has already broken through the expectations of most industry experts.

Where does the growth point come from?

Why did the three - year inkjet opportunity have such a "unexpected" performance? To this end, the reporter interviewed a number of people in the industry.

In general, there are some reasons for the following reasons:

The first is from the immature to the mature growth, eliminating a batch of immature equipment, causing the increment to continue. Due to the premature technology, especially the on-line first generation equipment, there are many defects, resulting in many problems in operation. With the maturity of technology, it has been phased out and replaced the second generation or the third generation, thus bringing the market for the continuous growth of the number of devices.

Secondly, the ceramic inkjet equipment in the field of subdivision has also made many attempts, the more change to fit the market demand, make it more vitality, for example, for small waist tiles and inkjet equipment.

Third, the deeper understanding of the ceramic inkjet technology and the application of the industry to the more fields of the equipment. For example, the equipment, the equipment of spray glue, the equipment of spraying gold and water, and the application in the subsequent superposition process make the use of the equipment a little better.

Fourth, the rise of modern antique bricks and the popularity of marble tiles have brought new growth space and a broader future for ceramic ink-jet equipment.