How much type of ceramic tile

- Feb 05, 2018-

  In the home decoration, there is always a variety of ceramic tiles. In fact, there are many kinds of ceramic tiles, their own characteristics are different. To understand the characteristics of all kinds of tiles, we can create a suitable home style. This is a brief summary of several common ceramic tile types, I hope to help you.

Tile introduction

  Porcelain is a kind of ceramic decoration for mosaic table bed cabinet, also known as the "porcelain mosaic". How many square or round, ellipse, polygon, carved or drawn flower like animal, also writing poetry, Kyrgyzstan language. This porcelain product is still in fashion in the early years of the Republic of China.

  When buying tiles must pay attention to the production process of ceramic tiles is excellent, also check whether there is any formal name and address, specifications, grade, trademarks and so on the related product information. A little note also is to choose according to the different requirements of indoor tiles.

Brief introduction of polished bricks

  Polishing brick is a bright brick interior tile body surface after polishing, and a brick. As far as the brick is concerned, the surface of the polished brick is much more clean. The polished brick is hard and wearable. It is suitable for use in most indoor spaces except the bathroom and kitchen, such as the balcony, the exterior wall decoration, etc. Based on the seepage technique, the tiles can make all kinds of imitation stone, wood effect.

  A brief introduction to antique bricks

Antique brick is not China's ceramic industry products are imported from abroad. Antique brick evolved from glazed tiles and glazed ceramic tile is in essence. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly on the color of glazes. Archaize tiles belong to ordinary tiles, which are basically the same as those of magnetic tiles. The so-called antique is the effect of bricks, which should be called antique tiles, and antique bricks are not difficult to clean. The only difference is in the firing process, antique brick technical content is relatively high, thousands of tons of hydraulic press, and then by 1000 degrees high temperature sintering, which has high strength, strong abrasion resistance, carefully developed antique brick both characteristics of waterproof, anti-skid, corrosion resistance.

  Brief introduction of polished brick

The polished tiles are also called glazed tiles and glazed polished tiles. It is made of a layer of wear-resistant transparent glaze on the surface of the body, which is made by burning and polishing. Throw the crystal brick with glazed tiles and porcelain decoration of rich water absorption rate is low, material performance, and overcomes the drawbacks of glazed tiles with glazed facility performance not wear-resisting, corrosion resistant difference and ceramic tile decoration method simple. The polished tiles are decorated under glaze, burned at high temperature, fine glaze, and Gao Guihuali is a high grade product.