After the Spring Festival of polished tiles and porcelain or in short supply

- Feb 02, 2018-

In January 25th, the reporter learned from the library in 2017, Faku Economic Development Zone Liaoning cumulative exports exceeded $100 million. Thanks to the excellent performance of the ceramic Faku ceramic export in Liaoning Province, the annual growth rate in the nation.

It is understood that since 2016, the initiative to adjust the direction of the work of Faku Economic Development Zone in Liaoning, the ceramic export in a more prominent position, establish "on Russia, Mongolia, the consolidation of Japan and South Korea, the Middle East flagship, the development of Africa, North American" roadmap to strengthen export exports, helping enterprises in the park to inventory and survival, in 2016 $about 60000000 basis, developed in 2017 and strive to achieve $100 million export target, the actual completion of $102 million.

In recent years, the export performance in Faku ceramic is particularly eye-catching. SUPOR Faku production base of sanitary products, the production of ceramic tile products have been successfully into the Korean market, Haosong all the marble into the Australian television day, ERON ceramic production of high-grade antique brick exports to the Middle East Gulf countries...... In support of the government, Dubai overseas positions in the Middle East Faku ceramic has begun to play a role in the platform, Tao Trading Co. Ltd. and Russia Shuren group jointly building ceramics export bonded and strategic cooperation with Ethiopia's EKT group has entered the implementation stage of landing.

In 2018, Faku will further strengthen the export service functions, efforts to promote the customs declaration, commodity inspection, monetary settlement system supporting service construction, improve the ceramic export industry chain. Actively cooperate with Shenyang Railway Administration and shipping company to further reduce the cost of export logistics, and build international exhibition hall and overseas warehouse platform of Dubai, Qatar, Djibouti and other countries.