How big is the size of the floor tile for the living room?

- Mar 27, 2018-

Now the floor tiles, especially the floor tiles used in the living room, mainly have three specifications, such as 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm. The most used ones are 600mm and 800mm two. It is suggested that we choose according to the area of paving and the placement of furniture. Because the 600mm per unit area of a brick than 800mm brick paving the amount to much, so the visual space can produce a sense of expansion, while in the corner shop facing waste rate is lower than the 800mm brick, so less than 20 square meters of space 600mm specifications tiles. If it is more than 20 square meters of space, you can choose the 800mm specifications of the floor tiles. It is worth noting that if the furniture in the room is too much (such as the bedroom) and covers the large ground, it is best to use the 600mm floor tile. Besides, kitchens and bathrooms are all places where domestic water is more. Under normal circumstances, 300*300 or 330*330 can be used because of the leakage of floor drain, so that it is easy to find slopes. The specifications of ceramic tiles are too large to find slopes, and the ground is easy to accumulate water. So it is better to use 300*300.