Ceramic tile consumption from practical to quality and brand consumption

- Mar 27, 2018-

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles and substitutes

Tile is a typical semi-finished product in the field of home decoration. It not only needs space matching through design, but also needs the cooperation of later paving, so as to achieve the final decoration effect. As the consumer level, and tile products in antifouling and anti-skid, wear-resistant practical performance generally has been greatly improved, consumers not only in the pursuit of practical and cost-effective products, pay more attention to the actual overall decorative effect, consumption, from practical consumption to brand consumption upgrading and transfer quality.

The style of the enterprise product range, currently has Yupin marble, ultra flat glaze, Huang drilling stone ceramics, Royal products polished glazed tiles, jade, super senior 6D HD inkjet glazed tiles and other six categories of hundreds of products, product specifications up to more than 10.

After 80 and 90s, it has become a new consumer group in the market, and their aesthetic outlook determines the trend of the market. They are highly educated, pay attention to quality and personalized services, pay attention to the good-looking skin of the goods, and are more willing to pay for the interesting soul.

The modern Chinese style enterprise light luxury doctrine, accurate positioning, to provide the best cost-effective products as the goal, take the fashion simple modern light luxury style, dedicated to providing personalized Home Furnishing 80 90 main crowd brick, modern aesthetic to create a comfortable and Home Furnishing empty but not luxury room.

Light extravagance is not a stack of traditional symbols, but a contemporary style of contemporary design. Color collocation is rich and pluralistic, breaking through the conventional black, white and gray, with red, yellow, blue, green and so on as the local color embellishment, the space decoration adopts the concise and hard straight line. Light luxury doctrine design emphasis on practicality, regardless of space, Home Furnishing or decoration, the pursuit of harassment, abandon the nature, so as to create a comfortable living space.

Modern people have a fast pace of life. As a combination of modern simplicity and Chinese style design, the unique modern Chinese style of light luxury is more suitable for contemporary mainstream people's aesthetic views, and is favored by designers and people. At the same time, the modern Chinese lightweight luxury represents the highest level of harmony between man and nature. It is the deep embodiment of humanity, connotation and spirit, and it can satisfy people's life appeal for high value and interesting soul.