Why is the full glazed product more expensive than the polished brick

- Feb 07, 2018-

1 in foreign countries, many families are used in almost antique brick, but some antique brick brightness as polished tiles, polished tiles and is unable to reflect the quality of space, so the future trend is the whole cast glaze, glazed with full brightness polished and antique brick masonry and vivid effect of various styles. From the future trend, the trend is to replace polishing brick.

2, the total throwing glaze has better anti slip effect. When contacting with the foot or water or water, it can form a physical sucker. The friction coefficient is over 0.65, which is higher than the safety standard of the United States 0.5 and Europe 0.6.

3, the whole cast glaze a wider range of applications all-match home decoration style, complete specifications, can be arbitrarily cut; the wall can be laid, the whole space can make whole space more harmonious and the extraordinary all blend into one harmonious whole truly "room 1 kitchen table, 1 stone circles, but are generally used in polishing brick most of the living room, and not to mention that style;

4, the glazed surface has a layer of transparent glaze, brightness can reach 90, higher than the polished tiles, it is Italy's original import, only glaze costs accounted for 30% of the cost of the whole brick, plus the design is Italy designer, but this design is not easily outdated, so the whole cast glaze high cost;

5, more than the polished glaze polishing antifouling, because there is a thick layer of glaze on the barrier, although the polishing brick hit held, but easy to polishing sewage infiltration in the industry or not, the whole cast glaze can do it;

6, the effect of all throwing glazes is more realistic, more exquisite, more solid and clearer than polished tiles. The texture of polished tiles is only formed through random cloth pressing, which has a single color and poor imitation effect, and the patterns are easy to be out of date.

7, the full cast glaze is not a cold square, but a handicraft full of artistic flavor, and the arts and crafts are higher than the price of the industrial products.

Long service life, generally polished for a long time, easy to matte; antique brick with a long time, because the surface of the enamel layer is thin, easy to wear. The transparent glaze made of full cast glaze is thicker and not easy to wear, so its service life is 3 times that of the ordinary polished tiles.