Wall Tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

A kind of material can be used for the manufacture of a variety of materials, can be easily installed and demolished, can be reused wall and floor tiles, by the wall and floor tiles, velcro, keel, composition, on the back of the wall and floor tiles with nylon buckle on the surface, on the keel pasted with velcro hook surface, The wall tile can use the nylon buckle suede surface pasted on the back and the Velcro hook surface pasted on the keel, bonded with the keel, as a result of the use of nylon buckle to fix the wall and floor tiles, wall and floor tiles after the completion of the paving can be convenient for demolition and replacement, wall and floor tiles and keel after disassembly can be paved again, wall tiles and keel after the demolition can be repeatedly used , saving material cost and resources. 

People say that the wall and floor tiles generally refers to ceramic tile is a ceramic products, from different materials mixed into the ceramic mud, after cutting dehydration drying, and then through high temperature burning, made of different shapes of brick board. Brick plate can be without any modification, to retain the rough surface, or glaze fired, resulting in a smooth surface of the tile. Glazed tiles in general, waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and other advantages for damp or often need to maintain a healthy space, such as kitchen, bathroom and so on.