The method of measuring the tiles correctly

- Mar 12, 2018-

Regardless of which kind of decoration style, the home decoration must use the ceramic tile this kind of building material. According to the budget selection of ceramic tiles, we must also learn how to calculate the amount of tile.

There are many kinds of tiles on the market, and the price is quite different. A ceramic tile with a price of more than ten yuan is often chosen. Finally, the total price of tile will vary by several thousand or tens of thousands of yuan, which is because the relationship between tile consumption is not considered. So the Chinese tile net small editor today teaches everyone to calculate the method of the amount of tile, the method is very simple, only three steps, ensure that everyone can learn.

Step 1: calculate the area of tiles to be paving

Second step: select the size of the tile

Third step: the way of paving for ceramic tiles

The first kind is the horizontal and vertical spread

The second is the rhombus

The third kind is the combination paving method

Different sizes, styles and colors of the tiles can be paved by certain combinations, showing a different effect on the ground, to avoid a single tone and unified shop law, in key areas, such as hospitality areas, local TV background wall with edge can guide line, and even the use of decorative painting. This kind of placement method is the most difficult to calculate. The volume of tile used for each area is calculated step by step, then the loss of 10%-15% is added, and finally the amount of each tile is added together.