Main points of construction of floor tile

- Sep 11, 2017-

1, operators must have more than two years of practical experience in this project, through training, assessment to obtain induction certificate; Professional supervisor to the operator according to the design requirements and acceptance specifications for professional and technical disclosure, when necessary to make a model room.
2, before the construction should check whether the completion of the basic level is in line with the design and standard requirements, the grass-roots level, if not flat should be in advance of a day to pick and repair, and the previous process to make a good handover procedures; Check whether the size of the floor tile conforms to the modular relationship between the design Check the construction surface temperature is conducive to the construction (winter temperature below 0 ℃ should stop construction); familiar with the drawings and on-site situation.
3, according to the material acceptance standard selects the brick, generally according to the gradation 1MM classification to elect the $number kind of specification, each kind of specification all request Fangzheng Straight, the corner is intact, the color pattern is consistent, no crack, the surface is smooth without concave and convex and warping. (whether the floor tiles in the construction before the water to the manufacturer's factory description shall prevail)
4, check whether the grass-roots level, wall, whether there are holes, pipelines, special parts (staircases, elevator wellhead, escalator, stretching seam, etc.) whether according to the drawing construction, whether or not to meet the construction requirements, if the above requirements are not satisfied, should be cut or repaired to achieve the construction requirements.
5, has cleared the grass-roots clean, special attention to "point 5-3" in the special parts of the cleaning hours, cleaning after the grass-roots watering for 24 hours.
6, according to the drawings and a variety of baseline (prior to check) put the construction control line, in the main parts (special parts and have different color, material, material junction) to eject the vertical cross control line, to control and check the location and construction quality. All kinds of control lines should be checked and recorded, and the checked control line should be protected and used effectively.
7, according to the drawing requirements of the elevation of punching tendons, the spacing is not greater than 1.5M is the standard, the different elevation of the punching bar should be controlled line. Use 1:2 or 1:2.5 mortar punches, and draw the line to check whether the height meets the requirements.
8, in clean the grass-roots evenly sweep slurry (water cement ratio of 0.5 of the cement slurry).
9, with 1:2 or 1:2.5 dry hard cement mortar in the base after the sweep after the bonding layer, required to scrape flat, iron trowel, so that mortar and grass-roots bonding.
10, the actual paving tiles should be paved, the floor tiles in accordance with the requirements of the actual shop directly on the bonding layer, with rubber hammer vibration. On the one hand, to ensure that floor tiles, cracks straight, on the other hand laminated disaster, such as the need to fill mortar, too much to shovel out excess mortar.
11, the brick back of the cement plus 107 glue (right amount) of the combination layer, required thickness 10mm~15mm, daub evenly.
12, the application of rubber hammer vibration in the real shop, force evenly, in order to prevent damage to the floor tiles, with a horizontal ruler to check the smoothness, with the smoothness of the inspection of brick seam, the requirements of surface formation, color uniformity, brick joints, cross seam smooth, seam height consistent flat, bonded firmly without empty drums, to achieve the completion of surface elevation and design requirements
13, the day after the completion of the installation must be clean, and will be the brick seam cleaning debris, 48 hours after the sprinkler maintenance more than 24 hours (not less than 2 times).
14. After curing, the brick seam is disposed. The design requires that the brick seam is larger than 3MM, using the method of hook stitching, the material is white cement: fine sand = 1:1; The brick seam has special color requirement, and the appropriate toner is mixed with white cement to check/sew. Require brick seam color, the same depth.
15, the ground reserves hole, the floor tile openings should be smooth and beautiful connection close.
16, in the case of expansion joints, settlement joints and other special parts, the application of 1:2 or 1:2.5 cement mortar plus 107 glue for bonding layer, surface mahjong surface, the remaining practice with "five", should pay attention to both sides of the same modulus of brick.
17, the wall, column and the ground junction should generally adopt the wall, column surface pressure ground practice, to ensure that the connection is close.