Kitchen design

- Mar 08, 2018-

Many of my friends love to cook in the kitchen, cooking as a hobby, fresh food in the kitchen after processing after one or two hours, the fragrant smell, and family share delicacy, not only taste buds to great satisfaction, happiness also instantly bursting.

But there are also a lot of failed cases, and there are many places to do not comprehensive, resulting in the use of the kitchen is very inconvenient, not beautiful, not adapt and so on. For example, the ceramic tiles were wrong, causing the kitchen to be dirty and slippery. The choice of lighting is wrong, and the beauty is not practical. Early reception is not in place, later kitchen cooking like a war. No design is done ahead of time, and sockets are not used enough. The unreasonable allocation of funds leads to poor quality of hardware. And so on.

There are a lot of problems, but we have a little bit of analysis to analyze the problem of selection.

Tile ceramic tile is one of the more often used materials in the kitchen. It has a lot of good maintenance. It is not afraid of the release of acid and alkali. As long as it is washed and dried, it can be washed by clean water. The only thing to pay attention to ceramic tiles is that the seams are easy to accumulate dirt.  Generally recommended, the kitchen wall material should choose smooth glaze, more convenient to clean up.

New material of stainless steel stainless steel durable wear-resistant, good clean and fireproof, but the texture of the cold, hard hit it is not easy to repair, not accepted by people. General recommendations can be used near the stove wall, convenient after cleaning. Stainless steel is suitable for application in decorative places to avoid unsightly scratches. The installation of pipelines and safety measures should be paid attention to, because of their electrical conductivity.

Glass glass material applied in small area or good lighting kitchen lampblack cleaner can be attached to graze, material with strong glass, and remember that the smooth surface. The glass is suitable for the wall surface of the non main wall, and its penetration is good. In addition, the small kitchen can expand the visual space by using the penetrating glass material. High light transmittance and refraction properties, can allow outdoor light to penetrate in the space, create a natural and bright feeling. There is a light source behind the glass wall, which can produce glittering and glittering and glittering feeling, and can also be used for indirect lighting. Painted glass or brick, like a glass wall. In addition, when the glass extends to the receiving function, it is necessary to grasp the grit glass

The key to the collection, the transparent glass display of the items.