Hot - selling terrazzo tiles

- Mar 23, 2018-

In most people's impression, terrazzo is a product that is grinded and polished by mixing aggregate, gravel, quartz and other aggregate into cement paste. Have mostly been used in urban and rural areas in China in various buildings, such as schools, hospitals and other places, with its low cost, can be arbitrary color mosaic, construction convenience and other advantages, has a huge market in China.

In August 1, 2014, in a historic building in Fifth Avenue, New York, the flagship store in New York, Valentino, was dressed up. The project has applied terrazzo elements in large quantities, combined with elements such as marble, brass and oak bookshelves, so as to create a style of atmosphere with its own style and fit its brand image.

From then on, the terrazzo turned round and turned back as a fashion element to return to the public view.

At the 2016 Bologna exhibition in Italy, terrazzo was exhibited as a retro element at the exhibition. Meanwhile, the thickness of terrazzo tiles with a thickness of 2 cm was produced in almost every factory in Italy at that time.

Until 2017, the elements of the terrazzo spread rapidly in the ceramic industry, becoming a well deserved "favorite" on the Bologna exhibition. And in the 2017 Foshan autumn pottery fair in China, the terrazzo tiles became the "marking" products of the exhibitors.

What is the true fire terrazzo tiles become fashionable for a time, or "fire"? How big is its market share? How long is the vitality?

Long is stone, terrazzo glass, quartz stone aggregate is mixed into the cement bonding material made of coagulation products after surface grinding and polishing.

01 sprang up in Italy

In a number of interviewees, the terrazzo wind was first blown up by Italy. In the 2016 Bologna exhibition in Italy, terrazzo was exhibited as retro elements. In 2017, terrazzo became popular in a more rapid fashion. In 2017, Foshan terrazzo tiles have become the "standard products" of exhibitors.

"The terrazzo, to some extent, represents the fashion of the international tile, and it has a terrazzo, which represents the brand and the international line, and has a fashion flavor." A person in the industry said that Italy has a wide range of use of terrazzo, such as commercial space. The most typical thing is that in the design of the local Valentino store, a large number of terrazzo elements have been incorporated.

After entering the country, the terrazzo is also mainly used in small business style commercial space, such as clubs, clothing stores, chain hotels and other places. Traditional home wear is less used, because in the traditional concept of most consumers, the terrazzo is still a low end product.

Lu Ruoxin, chairman of Foshan Qi Yi Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd., the reason why terrazzo is "fire" is because a new product is popular in the industry, and all manufacturers strongly publicize the result. "Terrazzo pop, like the ceramic industry a popular stage or popular stone, sandstone, rust, distribution, as a kind of ceramic tile texture elements, its popularity has a certain life cycle."

Zhou Zhiyong is the head of art Baer tile. After seeing the vitality of terrazzo, he resolutely chose to focus on this field in 2017, and quickly entered the market with 600 * 600mm specifications of terrazzo tiles. In his opinion, the reason why the terrazzo can be fire is the process of driving family clothes. Terrazzo is precisely reinventing vitality in the application of foreign clothing industry, and gradually began to implement in other commercial spaces, such as Starbucks, automobile 4S store, restaurant and so on. After the keen capture of the terrazzo fashion, the design of domestic commercial space regards terrazzo as a fashion, simple and simple atmosphere of space.

Initially, some businesses considered the application of traditional terrazzo stone, but because of its high cost and relatively complex construction, the problems of anti fouling and upper wall were still urgent to solve. In this context, terrazzo tiles have become the best substitute. "The market has the demand, the manufacturer will push forward." Zhou Zhiyong said that after consumers have experienced the application of these commercial space terrazzo, they are gradually being educated so that they can think of the application in home decoration. At this time, Zhou Zhiyong's direction will turn to the development strategy of small business jigs and Jiezhuang.

He said that after entering the house, the tonal and process of the terrazzo tiles would change accordingly. The product for commercial space from tone to plain, warm colors, such as white, beige. At the same time, the grain grain on the surface of terrazzo tiles will also change with the change of the size of the space. In Zhou Zhiyong's words, "small space uses large particles and large space with small particles."

In the process, will also be adjusted according to the specific application requirements such as decoration, Home Furnishing space, as the development of soft, semi polishing the surface effect of the product. According to Zhou Zhiyong, the application scope of terrazzo in home decoration is limited to kitchen and bathroom space, balcony and garden. Terrazzo tiles have not entered the large space of home decoration -- living room and bedroom.

Lu Ruoxin also said that taking into account the degree of consumer acceptance, the company integration in product development process, terrazzo and marble grain lines, "the traditional terrazzo is a color, but for the high-end home improvement, we mainly in the plain."